Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Shopping with MissM

It is easy to go shopping
and find the Perfect Black Skirt
and the Perfect White Shirt
if you are the Perfect size.

It leaves plenty of time
to stand patiently next to your mother
while she tries on Less than Perfect Knitwear:

the 'I dragged this off my bed by accident' style;
the 'my pockets are weighed down with wet hankies' style;
the 'Niagara Falls edge to edge' style';
the 'this is so cheap that they didn't sew up the arms' style;
the 'I couldn't afford a cardigan so I used a rug' style

until you can eventually say,
in a gentle voice,
"Lets stop playing
the 'Trying on Silly Cardigans' game
and go home."


  1. My mother and I would shop until we got what we called Shopper's Kvetch. We could try on no more. Nothing made any sense and the things we pulled from the racks were unrecognizable.
    One can only, at that point, go home.

  2. Hey, I own at least one of those cardigans!

  3. Oh, Alice! I nearly choked on my tea.

    Anyway, all of those garments have their place. I am about to retrieve the cheap, baggy, coverall brown cardigan out of my wardrobe for another wearing today.

  4. Youth and wisdom - a stunning combination - and I too own at least one of those cardies

  5. I am about to put on my "Pauline Fowler, do you want a Service Wash?" cardigan and rally myself for the day......... onwards and downwards......

  6. I'm glad to hear Miss M's search was so simple. I'm sure you she looks just right and hope she has a good first day.
    As for you, I do hope you have better luck next time. For the record, I got the box of winter clothes down from the loft on Saturday thinking it might be fun to rediscover some old friends. Sadly most of the contents fall into the "what were you thinking category". I shall have to go shopping...

  7. What's wrong with that sort of knitwear? They form the staple items of my wardrobe.

  8. Why right now, as I type, I am wearing the 'only for housework because it looks like I am wearing an ill-fitting dressing gown cardigan', but already I haven't worn it 'only for housework' and have been seen at school were it felt rather out of place amongst the more glamorous cardigans in the playground.

    Miss M is a kind and patient daughter.

  9. The perfect size. As I thought.
    And I have your same problem, except I am more troubled on the bottom area, trousers, skirts (extremely hard,) dresses.
    I only try on a few items though, don't like that at all. If I could I would buy items just looking at them.

  10. Cathy has made me laugh with her service wash.

    I bought a hand-knitted cardi on ebay recently that made me look like an aran settee.

  11. You are very brave. I never ever try anything on when shopping with my daughters. Ugh.

  12. Grr to people who can do perfect size shopping (though not in a malicious way, just jealousy)

    I am however well versed in the art of trying on ridiculous clothes, and occassionally I end up buying them

  13. Oh, and my favorite, the unmade bed style. I mean really, who are we kidding? xo

  14. LOL I l nearly choked on my tea also!! :-)


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