Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Walls of Granada

Between budgets and employment contracts,
room bookings and purchase orders

The Hill of the Alhambra
Samuel Colman (1832-1920)

and clattering visits
from the academic who is now 41
and has another cunning plan or three
on the boil

The Comares Tower of the Alhambra
David Roberts (1796-1864)

I pause
and my mind drifts sideways...

The Gate of the Justice
Wilhelm Gail (1804 - 1890)

I have never seen the Alhambra,
that rose-red citadel on the edge of Granada;

Lions in the Alhambra
John Dobbin (1815-1888)

the sprawling walls and towers,
massive gateways, pillared courtyards
and extravagant Moorish decoration.

Entrance to the Hall of Ambassadors
George Owen Wynne Apperley (1884 - 1960)

I can't go today or tomorrow
or even next week
but I will...

one day I will go to Granada.


  1. I did, Alice ... a very long time ago. Hope you get there one day.

  2. and I look forward to your posting about it...

  3. You should -- I've never seen it either, but it's N's favorite city.

  4. Go for it Alice - the nearest I've been to the Alhambra is the theatre of the same name in Bradford - I don't suppose that really counts :o(

  5. The name has an exotic ring to it - hope you get to go.

  6. Me too! I've never been but I'm certain I will one day.

  7. Definitely a place to go one day - hopefully we'll see you there.

  8. Fantastic city, last time there had not made reservations to visit the Alhambra, who knew you needed reservations, so just wandered the city, full of secret gardens.

  9. For what it's worth, I'm just back from Granada and the main courtyard is under (re)construction, so there's certainly no harm in waiting.

    Although my advice would be to go to the Mezquita instead. I don't think I've ever been so moved by a building.

  10. Do go, do - it is absolutely stunning.

    I seem to remember my flip flop fell apart in a gorgeously tiled courtyard though, so you might want to take spares just in case!


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