Monday, 4 October 2010

Raspberry Torte

Today I made raspberry torte for an autumn Sunday lunch
but the last time I used the recipe
it was summer and we were in the cottage.
MasterM invited a group of friends to stay
and when I came down stairs in the morning
there was an untidy heap of young men in sleeping bags
who had arrived long after I had gone to bed.
The torte was shared around for breakfast
with summer fruit salad and yogurt,
and today, as I weighed the ground almonds,
I thought of MasterM and his friends,tousled and hungover
but making every effort to be charming.
A happy memory indeed to fold into the mixture.


  1. That has to be THE very nicest part of having teenagers - a house full of them and their friends - come to think of it I'm missing not only Sarah but all her mates hanging around making the place look untidy in the nicest possible way - Nick and Lou haven't quite got to that stage yet

  2. the law of Torte - doubtless on the syllabus for MasterM

  3. so that's the secret to teenagers good behaviour... raspberry torte... you better share the recipe!

  4. Makes the torte a little bit sweeter.

  5. Drooling. I love raspberries (so hard to find here ...)
    I believe you'll have the same flashback every time you'll bake this. It's divine.

  6. love this " tousled and hungover"

  7. By the sounds of things Mr. M it sounds like Master M already has a full and complete understanding of the subject of Torte.

  8. Why do I never think to have cake in the house on hangover days?! It sounds like the answer to everything!


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