Thursday, 21 October 2010

Exam Term, Stellenbosch

I can only write about my family
with their permission
and I am very grateful to them
for being so tolerant over the past three years.

I am particularly careful with photographs
because I do not want to compromise their privacy.

These photos were sent by MasterM recently
and I was surprised and delighted
when he said that I could post them here.

It might be linked to the fact
that the Head of Department is visiting Stellenbosch
and has offered to take an emergency supply of fudge.


  1. Good to see he's working hard ; )

  2. I can see why you might be getting itchy feet! There's a whole lot of world out there and some of our offspring are in it.

  3. Wonderful to see he's enjoying himself.

  4. the deal is three years hard labour and come back with a decent degree ...

  5. My dream (I am repetitive, I know!)

  6. Oh lord! I cannot look at that jumping picture. I just cannot.

  7. It is a pleasure to see the youth of today working so hard at their studies. In descending order of photpgraphs would that be

    *Applied Physics - Basic Newtonian Theory?
    * Applied Physics - Advanced Newtonian Principles?
    * Urban Geography?
    * In-depth Review of A. Wainwright (the Southern Hemisphere edition)?
    * Modern Dance and Movement?

  8. Not too homesick then?

  9. And he needs fudge? Pshaw. Having far too good a time as it is......

  10. I bet you were particularly overjoyed to receive the one of him(?) leaping off a cliff.

  11. Wow that is a big jump! Only boys ;-)

  12. I am here from bb's blog; had to investigate Alice! My elder son spent a semester at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg in 2005, so I know the feeling of having a son far away. We live in rural northern Wisconsin, US, which is pretty much as rural as one can get in the US.


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