Saturday, 2 October 2010

black on grey

When I leave the Department
the sky is a black swirl of rooks
and the sound of their flight fills my head.

On this evening, after a day of rain,
the sky is milky grey
and I stand in the car park, watching.

It makes my heart ache a little,
this ending of another day,
and I wait until the flight ends,
my face turned up against the wetness of the air.

Shed Your Love - The Helio Sequence


  1. It is true the winter is coming but cheer yourself with thoughts of warm fires, thick soups and snuggly woollens to wear. Not to mention the ever closer prospect of spring!

  2. I watched the rooks strutting in the supermarket car park yesterday Alice and was filled with the same sort of feelings

  3. Sometimes it's OK to stop and be a feel a little melancholy.

  4. Littlest pointed out about a trillion birds on wires strung up to a building the other day. They were astounding. There were so many of them, so evenly spaced, I'd thought they were part of the structure.

  5. Sunday morning. The sky is grey and wet and I'm supposed to run 10Km in this???


    (my word verification is 'coper'... will I cope?)

  6. There is something just so lovely about the way that large groups of birds fly together

    And thank you for linking to the Helio Sequence. This may be the beginning of a new obsession...


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