Wednesday, 18 November 2009

better late than never...

A nest of mixing bowls
given by as part of
a generous wedding present
by MrM's Granny.

You might be surprised to know
how many Coffee and Walnut cakes
have started their lives in these bowls.
A number significantly greater
than the rather pitiful comment yesterday
might have led you to imagine.

A belated contribution to Kitchen Poetry
which was hosted by


  1. not sure whether to get my hopes up or not after reading this ...

    WV: emicking

  2. Dear Mr M
    Take more walnuts with it.

  3. he was just hinting ( and not with much subtlety either)

  4. Mr M: I wouln't hold your breath.....

    Mrs M: "Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen"..........

  5. A lovely contribution... thanks. x

  6. You two are awfully cute.

  7. They do like to pretend they are hard done by... we didn't fall for it Mr M.

  8. Walnut cake over the head I think! He is being quite brave - are you being too nice to him? I agree with the treat 'em mean thing and the DIY principle. And I prefer chcocolate cake - p, or just invite us all to tea?

    Pomona x


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