Monday, 9 November 2009

MrM and MrsM take the air

It was late afternoon by the time
we walked through the woods.

It was not yet dark
but it would soon be so.

We could still see
the amber colours of the leaves
but the camera saw only
silhouettes against the sky.

We talked of plans for Christmas
and perhaps a weekend away in January.

Madrid? Vienna? Amsterdam?
Or just a cosy cottage with a log fire...

And then we went home
and had a cup of tea
and crumpets with strawberry jam.


This post is for Breadbox,
a long time friend of this blog,
who will recognise the location.


  1. I was out walking my dogs on the hilltop at just such a time this afternoon Mrs M.It really was teh beginning of Winter today.

  2. that dusky time right before darkness, when the light is still there but the sun is just below the horizon, that is the best time of the day in my opinoin. It is only like that for a few minutes, but it is so beautiful it sometimes makes my heart hurt. And the sky here right at that time is so velvety blue it seems like you can just breathe it in.

    A fan as always, of your photos and your writing.

  3. Okay, this is a sign of how much of a stay-at-home blob I've become, but the tea/crumpets/jam really sounded just as delectable as the touristic destinations. On the other hand, there is that Sachertorte situation...

  4. Isn't fall a great, beautiful season?
    And I always loved the word "crumpet"!!!

  5. We visited Amsterdam during February half-term some years ago - be warned it's the coldest place I have ever been to, possibly because of the dampness with all the canals so wrap up very warm if you go

  6. Beautiful photos. I fancy the cosy cottage with the fire...and crumpets of course!

  7. These are the precious moments in life. Time to look, to chat, make gentle decisions.

  8. I can do you a nice cosy cottage with a log fire, and you know the location! I love silhouettes against the sky at dusk - beautiful pics.

    Pomona x

  9. I liked the image of the walking and the talking.

  10. Who says men cannot multitask ?

    WV - honist

  11. But crumpets are supposed to be eaten with either honey or marmite! Not jam....

  12. sounds lovely

    I vote for the log fire. There might not be crumpets in Vienna.

  13. Interestingly MrsM adores marmite but MrM does not. However, MrM has several (4-5 min) pots of honey which MrsM does not care for at all.

    Jam is a good compromise

  14. Actually, I'm not sure that I do recognize the location! I'm guessing, though, that it might be up-river from you, in some sort of great big park land area. The statue looks familiar, but it so long since I was there...

  15. Oh, and were the crumpets home-made?

  16. Of course. Yes, now I recall the name, of course I recognise the location:-)


  17. Lovely photos! I love that time of the day too, one of my favorites!


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