Friday, 6 November 2009

China Galore

I was passing the V&A on Tuesday
and the lure of the new Ceramic Galleries
was irresistible.

Look what I found...

Here is an Iznik tile
with a gillyflower motif:

Here is a William De Morgan tile panel
designed by William Morris:

Here is the copper engraving
for the filigree pattern
on my Croissant Plate:

Here is the stoneware casserole
that my mother has in her kitchen:

Here is the bowl that I stood in front of
for what seemed like hours
and felt quite ill with desire:

In the end, feeling chinaholic desperate,
I asked about the policy on taking photographs
and was told I could take as many as I wanted.
How Wonderful.
How Enlightened.
Thank you V&A.


  1. So do tell MrsM - if you were fortunate enough to own that dish what would you use it for?

  2. The V & A is one of my favourite places.

  3. I too, would love to own that dish. However, I have one I treasure just as well. I have blogged about it, & now, am almost too scared to use it.

  4. You have been to the ceramics department????!!! Lucky, lucky you, I have never managed it yet. It has always been closed when I have visited. My favourite place is the Indian department on the ground floor with such lovely treasures as the jewel encrusted elephant prodder and Tippu's Tiger! I must make the effort to go again and see the ceramics........

  5. How wonderful. And yes how frustrating when you can't take photos. I was astonished that the Musee d'Orsay was completely unperturbed about photography but Tate Modern forbade it.

  6. On the top of my list: visit the V&A as soon as can drag myself to London. I have been saying I'll go there for years now (I am ashamed I was never there...).

  7. The V&A is one of my favourite places - I was lucky enough to get to do some research in the National Art Library for my thesis - three days of heaven I still remember!

    Pomona x

  8. The V&A is one of my favorite museums in London. I love the attic quality to it.

  9. It was the Christmas pudding service that I coveted!

  10. Before the Tate Modern was opened you WERE allowed to take photos in what is now Tate Britain. I was studying History of Art at thetime and it was wonderful to be able to take pics of things I wanted to include in my essays and NOT be restricted to those I could buy postcards of.
    I love the Iron Gallery at the V&A, as well as the Cast Court of course and a soft spot for Tipu's Tiger.
    What I don't have a soft spot for is a supposedly "good" cafe that at lunchtime can't produce any forks - or at least not for the 30 mins I was there and asked every member of staff... but don't get me started on that!

  11. Chinaholic indeed! Yes I visited the V&A half-term week - only because of the queues for the Nat Hist Museum - and then realised what I'd been missing. Loved the art deco jewels.

  12. Love museums that let you take photos. Love the V&A (and ceramics) muchly :)


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