Monday, 23 November 2009

Making dreams happen

At the end of June
I said that MasterM
would not need his passport
to go to university.

I spoke too soon.

Two weeks later he decided to go to university
in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
It has been a challenging time
but he has now been accepted for the course
and starts in January.
There is still the not-insignificant hurdle
of the residency visa
but each complex task is broken into small pieces
and that is how you make dreams happen.

The really difficult thing is
finding the courage
to believe that a dream
can become reality.

For the next four years
MasterM will be among vineyards
and Cape Dutch architecture
on the edge of the ocean.

I think he will have the time of his life.


(In case you are wondering,
Edinburgh was the back up plan.)


  1. wow.
    when will you visit?

  2. Good for him - what will he be studying (apart from Cape Wine Tasting that is!)

  3. wow indeed. sounds incredible. and I love the way you describe making dreams happen xoxo

  4. I'm sure he will have a wonderful time... but letting go and letting them soar can be so hard. Thinking about you all Alice.

  5. Well, it puts my separation anxiety into perspective! I hope he will come home for the holidays.

    Pomona x

  6. Vineyards are a good start. What a wonderful thing to do.

  7. I can't keep up! But your offspring seen good at knowing what they want and how to achieve it. Here's to the next adventure!

  8. Bon Voyage and Bon Chance Master M. (Stiff shot of whiskey parents M)

    W.V. is range. Tres significant, non?

  9. And to think that I always dream of sending my son to Uni in UK ... supposed to be the top in the world along wiht US ones.
    Am I wrong?
    Always learning from you, dear Alice, alway.

  10. wow
    just... wow

    congrats to master m. sounds like a fantastic plan to me

  11. ah to be young again...

    that is cool. Your offspring have my utmost admiration. Actually their mother too!

  12. How very glamorous - how wonderful!

    Oh though, you may need some comforting treats when he leaves. I should stockpile Green and Black's

  13. MasterM has to be one of the most well-traveled students on the planet...South America and now South

    Sounds like a heavenly place.

  14. I like the sagacity of each complex task being broken down into small pieces......... I hope his dreams become a reality and that he has a lot of fun on the way.

  15. Oh dear lord. It's wonderful and awful all at once. I suppose the wonderful outweighs the awful. Okay, it's wonderful.
    Amazing, really.

  16. Lovely, really lovely. To think of one's child in a beautiful place, a dream come true.

  17. Ah, I am glad it all worked out the way he had hoped for!

  18. Oh wow! He leads such an adventurous life, you are going to miss, miss, miss him though.

  19. Stellesnbosch is so beautiful. We saw the most amazing rainbow when we were there visiting my husband's family in 2002. I am sure he will have an amazing time.

  20. Wow he will have a wonderful time! What a lucky boy.

  21. Oh! Surprised look. Shocked look.
    Is their rugby team that much better?

    Good luck to him!

  22. This is marvelous. Really marvelous. (You'll have to go visit.)


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