Friday, 20 November 2009

Venice in Winter

The academic who has just turned 40
went to Venice for a special birthday weekend.

The Doges Palace
Edward Seago

I recommended our little hotel
near the Accademia Bridge

The Grand Canal from Accademia Bridge
Edward Seago

and told him to ask for the room at the front
which overlooks the canal.

The Doorway, Venice
Edward Seago

We arrived by watertaxi at night
when Venice was shrouded in fog
and nothing could have been
more magical or romantic.

Venice at night
Edward Seago

The academic told me of a tiny restaurant
hidden among back streets
and I longed to return.

Maybe in the Spring.


Edward Seago (1910 - 1974)
started his artistic career in a travelling circus
but went on to develop a Impressionistic style
which he used to explore the effect of light and shade
in various locations from the Antarctic to the Norfolk Broads.
His paintings were much sought after and he enjoyed
the enthusiastic patronage of the Queen Mother.
I look forward to the Centenary exhibition
at the Portland Gallery in February 2010.


  1. oh Alice. Would you mind if I came and lived in your house? I think living with you would fill the void in my education I thought University was going to fill. I could be in charge of water the plants in the conservatory or something.

    There would be an element of Educating Rita but neither of us would have to wear tweeds with elbow patches.

  2. Venice in the spring is perfect...we had a wonderful time in bring back all the memories for me...thank is such a magical place and those paintings capture the mystery and magic....

  3. Before we visited Venice my boss described it to me as Disneyland for grown ups, taking the tacky parts of Disney aside - when we got there I knew just what he meant - a truly different and magical place - I would love to return (again and again)

  4. Lovely images - both words & paintings!

    (Somewhat) similar to Edward Seago, I plan to END my career in a traveling circus. Trying to work up my act now, with limited talents to combine; so far, knitting whilst bareback-riding seems the "best" bet. Needs work...

  5. How I would love to return to Venice... I was last there eighteen years ago. The paintings are beautiful and capture the atmosphere perfectly so perhaps I will make do with a trip to the Portland Gallery.

  6. Oh what a beautiful post. I think I may be the one and only art student who never made it to Venice. Maybe one of these days... K x

  7. I have never been but have scoured a book called Venice for Pleasure by JG Links as an appetiser. My very well travelled boss recommended it to me.

  8. I see trashalou has my same feelings ... maybe we could split chores while learning.

  9. it is a magical place... but I say that now. For a while it was just a boring school trip destination.

    Can you believe that? bored of Venice?

    I must have been young and stupid.

  10. Sharing makes everything better, no?

  11. I agree with trashalou--I'll water the plants too! Thanks for this window on another side of the world that is so far far away.

  12. Venice was something we had planned to do this Winter as we were dogless..and carefree...and have many unused airmiles.But events overtook us.

  13. Always lovely to see some beautiful art work.


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