Sunday, 1 November 2009


whenever I worry about writing
and not being able to find the words
I remind myself
that I have already recorded our life
for two and a half years
and so it doesn't matter
if I don't write anymore
because those memories are safe
and that seems to help me
overcome the fear
of silence

Image courtesy of Wordle


  1. I like that a lot. And its like looking at photos of holidays you've had - there's always something thrown up that you'd pretty much forgotten about

  2. I was sitting looking at the graphics and realised that the words related to you and yours....... then I visited "wordle"..... ooooooooooh! my oh MY! Isn't that just a wonderful site????? :O)

  3. I could never come up with words and photos as you do. You are a poet.

  4. You are still as fluent as ever, even when you're concerned about fluency. I see no difference! It's still lovely to visit and is a great read. I always look forward to this blog lighting up on my reader.

  5. I think your writing is brilliant.

    Whether your write a little or a lot - it is a pleasure to read

  6. MrM's plans for the future hangs on MrsM publishing something in the next 5-10 years and then keeping him in the lap of luxury (roughly translated as funding a season ticket to the rugby for both of us)

  7. I must agree and second what my dear bb said.

  8. they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but your words are priceless Alice

  9. I've grown quite accustomed to facebook's "like" button: if blogger had a similar feature, I'd have pressed it.


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