Friday, 27 November 2009

Obsessive Bench Disorder

MrM and MrsM visit Osterley Park
and admire the impressive Neo-Classical mansion
and the Robert Adam interior.

They stroll beside the ornamental lake
and wander in the walled garden.

It is a beautiful day
and the sunshine makes the leaves glow
and the water shimmer.

When MrsM gets home she looks at her photos.

There are a selection of garden benches.

Metal, wood,
with and without arms,
decorative, plain,
with and without backs.

But just benches.

No house, no garden, no lake
No trees, no flowers, no happy children.

What was all that about?

MrsM contemplates a lifetime of therapy.


  1. I happen to suffer from OCD2.

    (Obsessive Chair Disorder AND Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  2. Each one looks like a wonderful place to sit and contemplate the world.

  3. don't bother with the therapist just publish that coffee table book - these photos look like ideal candidates

  4. Just so you know I am currently shopping for new chairs for my parents' kitchen (yes Bb, those ugly old ones are still there!) so this post couldn't come more timingly.
    Also, maybe you're looking for rest? A book?
    AND, who says UK has no sun????

  5. ... but they are rather lovely benches.

  6. Maybe the benches are your therapy. They are all beautiful.

  7. I love reading the commemorative plaques people put on benches.....

    That top photograph is a beauty!

  8. Yes the benches - but oh that beautiful first photo with the blue and white and the black chairs!


  9. perhaps your feet were trying to send you a sublimanal message
    "sit down woman" xxx

  10. Ah... to be able to sit down outside and it not be 'raining'!!

    It seems never to stop in the northern reaches of the U.K.

    Lovely house...and I loved the photo's, I too took pictures of lonely benches last summer.

  11. I quite like the idea of a theme to pictures of a trip. My cousin travelled around Italy and only took pics of doors and door furniture.

    (hahahahaha. W.V. is 'ockertat' - this would be cringemakingly Australian cheapy bits sold in seaside shops!!)

  12. Hmmmm, maybe your subconscious is telling you to join in with Bench Monday ...

  13. Please do not complain of no children when there so many opportunities to sit down unmolested thereof! And this is all most Georgette-Heyerin! Many boots atop many benches in The Masqueraders- but who wears the boots? Definitely nowhere near as fabulously smile-inducing as the Grand Sophy-though there is a monkey!

  14. A deep-seated urge to sit down on your own and have a bit of peace and quiet?

    Pomona x

  15. I agree with a lot of the others above me: they just look lovely
    Who can blame you for photographing so many?

  16. It reminds me of the time we took M to Disneyland (with a camera) when she was quite small. She returned with a collection of pictures of all the sparrows (and a few swans and pigeons) in the park. I liked her birds, and I like your benches!


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