Saturday, 7 November 2009

England v. Australia

Saturday morning...

much slicing, spreading
and assembling to be done.

I am reminded of all the birthday parties
that I have catered for over the years...

especially the one where I set fire to the oven
cooking the cocktail sausages.

This is for a car park party at Twickenham
and the tray of food will balance precariously
on top of the beverages
which have been chilling overnight.

The sun is shining;
friends are arriving from near and far;
Jonny Wilkinson is back in the team...

it should be a great afternoon.

Guess who is driving the car back this evening?


  1. Dare I comment? In my defence let me say that rugby (in any form)is not so big in the part I come from. Now if it were Collingwood playing Carlton ....

    (plus Jonny Wilkinson - phwoar ;-)

  2. I would keep you company in the car on the way home...I'd love to come.

  3. You are the one true hero of the day Alice - Nigel is there as a corporate hospitality guest in the West stand I think - hope you gave him a wave :o) and that England end the day victorious - come on Johnny

  4. enjoy the game

    on a much more subdued note - it is my son's last football game of the season tonight.

    we will be under the lights with hot chocolate.

  5. God, now I'm hungry!

  6. Ummm, just how many were you catering for?

    Looks delicious. I suspect I'd spend more time eating the picnic than watching the rugby though ...

  7. It does look delicious.

    Of course I am more than thrilled with the result!

  8. That's enough for a hoard of hungry football appreciators. (assuming that is the appropriate collective noun...)

  9. guess who drove home last night after the fireworks party?

  10. Hope you managed to have a lovely time.

  11. That looks like nice bread. Did you sneakily test it as you worked?

  12. Oh, that looks delicious.

    I'm guessing Miss M

  13. MrsM is my roll model

    WV: supper


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