Thursday, 19 November 2009

New Windows Open

Thirtythree, 30 sycamore keys and 3 red berries
Eileen Postlethwaite

These pictures were a gift from Milly
as an unexpected consolation prize
in a giveaway post.
Thank you, Milly.

I am grateful to Lucille
who introduced herself in the summer
and pointed me towards Milly
and her beautiful drawings.

Lucille writes Useful or Beautiful
full of lovely images and perceptive insights.

I am always delighted
when a new reader introduces themselves,
opening yet another window
onto that sunny courtyard
where the community of blogging friends
generously share their lives
and support each other's creative endeavours.

5 oak leaves and 6 acorns found by Coniston Water
Eileen Postlethwaite


  1. Lovely windows, too - I have jumped straight through!

    Pomona x

  2. I lurked,lacking self confidence and looked through those windows for longer than I care to admit. Then one day I slowly opened one and it was like a breath of fresh air..............

  3. What beautiful drawings. When I feel the urge to draw (which isn't as often as I'd like), I always find a gift from nature and the artist in me is unleashed.

  4. Alice, that was a lovely surprise. Thank you. The sun is shining in here again this morning.

  5. What wonderful drawings. And I love how one blogging link can lead to another... K x

  6. Thank you, so glad you liked my ddrawings.


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