Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Doorstop

Goodness me
what are you all like?
I thought that we had a relationship
built on truth and trust.
Obviously not.
Here is THE doorstop
and before you even ask
my edition of How to Eat
is signed by the author.
But the Shakespeare is not.


  1. I am jealous that its signed by the author.
    I also have that exact version of the shakespeare (although I have the second edition - I suspect the reason I have it is because two of the lecturers at university had a major hand in editing it....)

  2. posting early tonight Mrs. M. Plans afoot for world domination?

  3. Is that a paperback version of How To Eat? I don't think ours would hold up in paper... it's pretty beaten up as it is!
    Lucky you, to have had her sign it: is there a story to tell?


  4. I'm laughing at trash's comment.

    And I have the same Shakespeare edition too.

  5. Um, I just made Chocolate Pavlova by Nigella last night. Although I read her online and watch her on TV, yes it's still always on here.
    I'd LOVE to meet her. Maybe when you see her again (because I know you will) you could invite her here!

  6. We have a similar doorstop... although not signed by any authors.

  7. I followed her at a respectful distance down the road once. She was having an animated and highly televisual conversation with her young son Bruno. I lost them as they turned into Eaton Square. I boarded a (real) bus and carried on my way with hoi polloi to murkier parts of London.

  8. I have that tulip book!
    When we sold our old house, the decorator who arranged our house (to make it seem bigger and more attractive) put it in a prominent stack in the bookcase. I think he liked the cover, or maybe it was just the right color. Who knows.

  9. I missed this yesterday. Great door stop! Usually door stops are unsightly, knew yours would not be. Plus fodder for a great post.


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