Thursday, 26 November 2009


Still Life with Cheeses
Floris van Dijck (1575-1651)

~ for all my American friends ~

wishing you a peaceful Holiday weekend


  1. Those are some formidable hunks o' cheese.

    (Thank you for the T-giving well-wishes, m'dear...)

  2. Thank you, Alice! Yes, the groaning board looms on the horizon. I've just learned that one of the side dishes this year will be "bhut jolokia," prepared (steamed? broiled? baked?) by my niece. Off to google now...

  3. 'Christmas Cheese, oh Christmas Cheese.
    How is their rind so stinky.'

    I know it is early but Antipodeans don't do Thanksgiving either ....

  4. Cracking cheese Grommit!

    Sorry that's the Yorkshire sneaking out of me again :o)

  5. But where is the pie? Don't tell me we're having a cheese course instead! K x

  6. Thank you Alice. We have been quite busy here with the house bursting at the seems. I love it.

  7. Thank you Alice! Extra joy, no peace this year or any time soon. Daughter announced an engagement. When your children find the perfect one, we parents are so grateful. Upon hearing the exciting announcement I broke a Waterford goblet, (an accident, not a purposeful gesture). Hopefully the day will come we refer to that day as the day Melissa and Jon announced their engagement rather than the day mom broke one of Mary Ann's goblets.


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